Bloodthirsty chimpanzees ripped boy’s face off after killing brother in horror attack

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: The young boy was attacked when he was six years old. The beasts ripped his lips and tore his cheek apart but after 14 reconstructive surgeries he is now turning his life around

He had his lips ripped off and his face torn apart by the vicious beasts
He had his lips ripped off and his face torn apart by the vicious beasts (Image: Instagram/friendsofdunia)

A young boy who had his face ripped off in a vicious attack by a gang of monkeys underwent an incredible facial reconstruction.

When Dunia Sibomana was six years old the creatures attacked him, his brother and his cousin while they were playing near a nature reserve in the Congo.

Tragically Dunia’s four-year-old brother and his cousin died from the injuries inflicted during the savage attack.

While Dunia survived his attack, he suffered devastating wounds to his face – which required 14 surgeries to reconstruct.

The ferocious beasts ripped off the then six-year-old’s lips completely, as well as tearing his right cheek apart.

He underwent 14 reconstructive surgeries
He underwent 14 reconstructive surgeries (Image: Instagram/friendsofdunia)He also lost a finger and part of his ear during the 2014 attack.

Medics managed to save the young boy and the non-profit foundation Smile Rescue Fund for Kids was able to send Dunia to New York for reconstructive surgery.

Two years after the attack, Dunia had tissue and muscle from his forearm grafted to recreate his lips.

And after 14 surgeries the now teenager is making efforts to turn his life around.

His brother and his cousin were killed
His brother and his cousin were killed during (Image: Instagram/friendsofdunia)Last year he was adopted by Long Beach Middle School wrestling coach Miguel Rodriguez and went on to win a Nassau County wrestling championship.

The Daily Star recently reported how a woman who had her face ripped off and was bitten more than 800 times in a vicious dog attack revealed the results of her incredible facial reconstruction surgeries.

Jacqueline Durand, from Texas, was mauled by two dogs just a day before her 22nd birthday in December 2021 when she entered the home of a couple she was dog-sitting for.

During the horrifying attack, they tore off Jacqueline’s nose, ears, lips and cheeks down to the bone.

Three mountain climbers were also left with broken legs after they were attacked by a troop of angry baboons.

The gang of monkeys attacked them while playing near a nature reserve
The gang of monkeys attacked them while playing near a nature reserve (Image: De Agostini via Getty Images)The adventurers were bombarded with a hail of rocks after the animals spotted them abseiling in their remote mountain territory.

At one point the baboons threw a 130lb boulder at the group.


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