Four people including girl, 8, stung to death by killer bees after bus plunged 165ft

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT A swarm of killer bees shockingly killed four people, including an eight-year-old girl, who had miraculously managed to survive a horror bus crash

Four bodies were covered in bee stings
Four bodies were covered in bee stings (Image: CEN)

An eight-year-old girl has been shockingly stung to death by a swarm of angry bees after the bus she was travelling in fell of a ravine.

Three others died from the horror plunge into several killer bee hives.

The horrific incident happened on the way to La Rica in the San Sebastian De Yali area of Nicaragua in Central America.

Images of one of the victims shows the body covered in thousands of bright red bee stings.

The bus was carrying 45 people to La Rica when the accident occurred in the Los Aguacatales region on Monday.

The yellow bus plunged down into an area swarming with killer bees
The yellow bus plunged down into an area swarming with killer bees (Image: CEN)

T22-year-old Santos Ismael Herrera has been named as the driver who reportedly lost control of the vehicle due to a mechanical failure.

It then plunged around 50 metres into the ravine, ending up in a coffee plantation after having hit the beehives.

All 45 passengers reportedly survived the initial crash but the bus hit Africanised bee hives with the angry insects then swarming the vehicle, killing four people in the process, despite them surviving the actual plunge.

They have been named as Eneyda Torrez Zelaya, 47, her daughter Andrea Carolina Garcia Torrez, 8, Dilcia Flores Amparo, 32, and Santos Arnulfo Calderon Castellon, 34, according to local media.

Thousands of killer bee stings were found on four bodies
Thousands of killer bee stings were found on four bodies (Image: CEN)

Locals tried to help the people inside the bus but they were unable to reach them due to the swarm of bees.

Eventually, medics and firefighters arrived on the scene and rescued the injured, who were then taken to hospital.

Footage from the scene shows a number of the injured passengers being loaded onto the back of a pickup truck before they were taken to hospital.

The injuries and current status of the other passengers has not yet been made public by local officials.

It is currently unclear how many people were injured in the incident, and an investigation is ongoing.


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